Kartell Living

I am a HUGE fan of Kartell furniture!

The brand was established in the late 40’s and continues to push the boundaries of furniture design, whilst concentrating on using modern and industrial materials to produce visually stunning designs. Over the years Kartell has collaborated with many designers, including Philippe Starck, Ferrucio Laviani and Ron Arad to inject quirky designs into the home.

The beauty of Kartell furniture is that it pretty much ‘fits’ anywhere and, due to the durable quality of the materials used, can be used outside or in and happily blends into every interior imaginable. I am personally a huge fan of the Bourgie lamp (I have two!), it is the perfect mix of traditional and modern and gives of the perfect light at anytime of the day because they’re controlled by dimmers. I think my next Kartell purchases will be a Louis Ghost Chair to sit pretty in front of my dressing table and a few Ghost Buster bookcases. Yum.

{Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}

3 thoughts on “Kartell Living

  1. I love it! Great taste…. Do you have any lucite pieces? I’d love to get the nesting ones I found on amazon….hmmm just might have to.

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