Suspended Text

Here is another quirky way of adding interest to a bare space that needs to be filled – suspend your favourite magazines or books along a wall!

This is the ideal way of adding constant interest to your home without committing to anything for the long term. You could update the space with your preferred monthly subscriptions or your book reads and save your favourite pages.

I think this is a must for my workshop…

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Stripes are huge this season – in the home and on the catwalk. I find stripes to be an eye catching trench that works perfectly when you’re wanting to make a bold statement. I love candy stripe wallpaper and beautifully cut stripe trousers. Yum.

Have you gathered a love affair with ‘the stripe’?

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Descending Hue

As many of you will know, I am a huge fan of the ombré trend (so much so that I previously created this post) and when i stumbled across this beautiful image a few weeks ago, I just couldn’t wait to share it with you!

The gradually descending turquoise hue in the curtains is perfectly complemented by the boldly shaped barrel chairs at the sturdy table, welcoming the daylight to flood into the room.


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Perfect Spaces

This is the stunning home of designer, Erin Fetherston. Welcome.

Erin’s home is in New York and has drawn inspirations from her previous Parisian home, enchanted by a vintage charm. The flat has feminine touches, but combines modern and vintage beautifully. I love the luxurious fabrics used throughout her home and large windows that glow light into the apartment. My favourite rooms have got to be the bedroom and Erin’s dressing room – the perfect spaces.

{Images: All from Vogue}

Frame It

If you’re looking to inject a little difference into your home or office, then look no further than this! Framing wallpaper or fabrics that have caught your eye, is the ideal way of add a difference to a room without breaking the bank or committing to the design long term.

How will you decorate yours?

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Lilac Lovelies

As winter is fast approaching and all traces of summer are slowly fading, I have fallen in love with these images! The idea of preserving floral beauty and displaying it around, as a reminder of our seasons. I think that the bundles hanging from the beams look stunning – cheap, yet chic!


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Whether day or night, there is always an occasion for bejewelled clothing and intricate detailing. I love to study the detail put into little vintage quilted jackets and sequinned evening dresses. I like to think that detailed items tell a story of how they were lovingly created and beautifully worn…

Happy weekend!

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Romantic Balloon

I’ve always loved Paris and this piece of art made my heart flutter! It summarises the beautiful city perfectly – heart felt and romantic.

You can buy yourself one of these prints from Etsy. I think it’ll make a splendid addition to my dressing table…

Hope you’re having a good week!

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