By My Side

I am on a quest for the perfect side tables but haven’t quite found what I am looking for yet, so thought I’d turn to Pinterest for some inspiration.

I like to have my side tables piled with books, photos, flowers and a lamp. and love the idea of having a rectangular shaped ones for each side. What do you have by your beside?

You can take a peek at further of my inspirations at the Hana & George Pinterest page, too!





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Printed Delight

Even though the weather that we are currently experiencing doesn’t reflect the arrival of British summer time, doesn’t mean that your home and wardrobe don’t have to! Whether it’s clashing floral prints, a burst of colour on an upholstered chair or an over haul of all things bright and beautiful, here are a few stunning images to get your creativity flowing!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week and that you had a happy Easter….






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Crisp Buds

For me, these two beautiful images are a summary of what is to come with the changing seasons. When the weather gets warmer, I love to open the windows in my home and to allow the breeze to circulate each room. The love the crisp, relaxing hues of the buds and bedroom.




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At My Side

I seem to be on a constant quest to add new pieces to the flat, whether it be a new lamp for the Ercol in the lounge or an antique dish for me to store all my rings on. I always find that the least unstructured part of our home is the bedroom, the bedside tables to be specific! We have 1950’s mirrored glass side tables which are beautiful. They add depth to our small space and the lamp light rebounds off them beautifully. However, they’re always stacked high with the latest magazine or books that we are reading, cluttered with a hand cream or lip salve and home to the remote control and phone charger.

I was having a look around at how others have arranged the tables in their lives and came across some images of beauty! I’m now wishing that we had bigger side tables so that I could add a vase to the action – I couldn’t think of anything nicer than waking up to a bouquet of roses. Bliss.

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