Under Cover

I as write this post, the rain in beating down. This is the kind of weather that makes me want to hibernate, snuggled in a cloud of white linen bedding….what a lovely way to spend a weekend!

I hope you’re all keeping warm and safe!




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Layer Up

With autumn definitely arriving with a ‘thud’ I have begun to plan for the winter hibernation! I love to make my bed even more inviting at this time of year and love to team plain, cotton bedlinen with patterned and textured bedspreads, throws and cushions. I have put a little inspiration together to share with you all on how I’ll be dressing my boudoir for the chill…






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Swan Lake

You’ll either love this bed or hate it, but for me it is utterly stunning! The way that the bed is centre within the room and ‘sat’ within calm hues and on a blue rug instantly reminds me of a swan drifting down a lake shimmering in the summer sun…



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Floral Textile

With the heatwave that we are currently experiencing, I have been feeling all things summery and love the idea of making small changes to my home by adding bright bedding and fresh flowers! It’s an inexpensive way of adding a touch of summer, whilst making a welcoming impact.

{Apologies for the mini blogging hiatus – things have been super busy with Hana & George in the workshop!}



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Delicate Flakes

I am looking out of my window to a heavy down fall of snow, the delicate flakes spiralling down to the ground. I do love winter, it’s probably my favourite season, but it would also be splendid to have a room like this to escape to! I love the over the top (literally!) wallpaper, that graces not just the walls, but the ceiling of this bedroom, with it’s co-ordinating bedding and low lighting.

For some, this room is probably over kills, but for me it’s just perfect. Imagine lying in bed and looking up to such a view…

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Pale Lace

Two of my favourite things – stunning bedding and splendid stationary.

The combination of the lace detailing to the party invitation and the vintage bedspread is sublime. The detailing is faultless and I’d be ever so pleased to be in the presence of both!

Happy Thursday!



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