Swanning About

Last year, I fell in love with this swan bed! Admittedly, it isn’t to everyones taste but the idea of waking up encased in the body of a swan seems idyllic to me! It now appears that the imaginary day of one day getting a birdy bed may also be taken al fresco with a swan bench…



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Swan Lake

You’ll either love this bed or hate it, but for me it is utterly stunning! The way that the bed is centre within the room and ‘sat’ within calm hues and on a blue rug instantly reminds me of a swan drifting down a lake shimmering in the summer sun…



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Romantic Touch

This weeks inspirations have come from a collection of images, which don’t at first sight link but do all possess a romantic element.

I adore the subtle colours, the precious textures and the calming effect that they bought upon me when I view them….

Happy Friday!





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Delicate Array

The detailing of a butterfly’s wings is not only delicate, but a beautiful array of colours. I have always loved the idea of collecting framed butterfly images and scattering them around windows around my next home and contrasting the intricate detailing of the butterflies with a beautiful William Morris wallpaper.




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A few months ago I collated a post around hand painted wallpaper (the post can be found here) and since then, I have been storing up other beautiful images with wallpaper as the focal point.

I always seem to be attracted to wallpaper and fabrics that have influential links to nature and wildlife. I love to see tropical birds adorning beautiful vintage fabrics and recently got my hands on some Sanderson fabric from 1980 which I can’t wait to use! (There will be more about this soon!)

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