Sweetest Pea

My love for a Sweet Pea blooming vase knows no bounds. I have always bought sweet peas from florists and markets in the past due to the lack of outside space, but this year I plan on growing them myself. The seeds have been planted and they have began to germinate…




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Yesterday evening, I sat outside in my garden at 5.30 and it was only just starting to go dark and the air felt spring – like. Bulbs are starting to come up, announcing that gardens will soon be lush green and blooms of colour will soon be with us. Until the time comes, I have decided to fill my home with spring time colours…

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!




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Bloom Injection

I love to adorn my home with fresh flowers, especially at this time of year when the flowers and plants that grace gardens are beginning to tuck themselves away for the winter.

Flowers are the perfect ‘pick me up’ for any sideboard or table, and is an easy way of injecting colour into a room. I like to place my blooms in irregular vases, upon books and shelves.

Happy Monday!




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Magic Blooms

I love to gift friends and family with flowers and beautiful plants, not only is it a nice gesture but it can also be inexpensive. I always buy blooms from the supermarket and take them home and work my magic to make them personal. You can use brown postal paper, cellophane and bows, wrapping paper, tissue paper and twine… the possibilities vast, but there is nothing nicer than receiving something that has had thought and love injected in to it!


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In a few weeks time the clocks go forward and summer will have officially arrived. I love to celebrate this time of year by overloading my home & workspace with floral delights. There is nothing nice than being welcomed into a room by the bloom of a hydrangea or the floral scent of a hyacinth.

Here are two beautiful images to give you a little inspiration, I love the idea of using the tea leaves tin as a vase….



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