Dotted Haven

My all time favourite ‘nosey’ website has to be Closet Visit. I love snooping through other peoples homes and their fabulous wardrobes, it is pretty much a girls dreams come true!

I was recently having a lazy weekend with Closet Visit and came across the beautiful home and wardrobe of Deborah Kaplan, who is a screen writer who lives in Hollywood. Her home is as beautifully eclectic as her wardrobe and I love the vintage accessories dotted around her haven.

Happy Wednesday!

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Hanging Happy

My dream is to one day have enough space to create a walk-in wardrobe. I think this dream is a long way off being a reality, but a girl can still fantasise on how it’ll look! I’m so taken with the idea that I’ve collated a Pinterest board as a source of inspiration when the happy day finally arrives, which you can view here.

Happy Tuesday!

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Lovely Seat

I’ve been storing up these 3 images for a while now, not because they tie together well but more because I find them really inspiring to look at. The rooms are blessed with beautiful furniture and pieces that possess a romantic twist. LOVE.

I think every home needs a little 2-seater settee – they sit pretty in the corner and bring an office or dressing room to life, especially when upholstered in a beautifully textured fabric.

{Images: 1, 2, 3}