Items have a tendency of coming in and out of fashion, and cut glass decanters seem to be one of those items. They seemed to go through a phase of being tucked away in cupboards rather than on display but I feel they are far to beautiful to not be seen. When put in front of a window, the light shimmers of their cut angles….simply beautiful.

We had a party a few weeks ago and used the decanters that my Mum gave to be (which were given to her by my Grandmother) and made individual labels for each, hung by scrap pieces of fabric that I had lying around the workshop. Simple, yet effective.



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In true British fashion, when we experience weather (good or bad) we tend to have an opinion on it! As we’re now experiencing a summer, I have been craving a lot of cold drinks and I have been adding rose petals to my ice cube trays before freezing to create beautiful looking cubes of loveliness! It is simple to do and is the perfect way of cheering up your glass.

Happy Wednesday!


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For All to See

Sometimes I think it’s instinct to tidy everything away and to give items their own place within your home, but this week my inspiration has come from having beauty displayed for all to see. Whether it’s vintage books stacked high on mantlepieces or stunning textiles hung from doors and hooks, such loveliness should be out for you to admire and adore.

Happy Friday!





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All Set

As we’re about to welcome Easter and sunnier times, I thought I’d put together a little table setting inspiration. As soon as this time of year comes around, I tend to shed my hibernation layers and love to entertain and welcome friends and family over to celebrate this lovely time of year.

Here are a few ideas that I have come across that are as simple as they are stunning to give your table a beautiful atmosphere. If you’re looking for more table setting ideas, take a look at our Pinterest page.

Happy Monday!






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Comfy Velvet

This is the perfect weekend to sink into a comfy corner in your home and get lost in the pages of a stack of books. Colourful velvet fabrics with button detailing and make sure that you’re accompanied by subtle cocktails. Can you think of anything better?





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