I’ve always liked the idea of creating a comfortable nook, somewhere that you can escape in a book or in something creative. I am planning on making such a corner in our kitchen soon, along with a bookcase of cookery books and a lit side table where I can generally mooch about at the weekend with a coffee.

Here are a few spaces that have caught my eye on my visual adventures, granted not all are kitchen friendly, but they are just beautiful it would be rude not to share…






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I really love the simplicity of this image – there are no trinkets or treasures to detract the eye from the beautifully carved fireplace, or the intricate wooden flooring. The idea of stacking high several piles of books to create a coffee table in the centre of the furniture is as simple as it is inspiring…


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Lost Afternoon

For me, a coffee table stacked high with interesting books is a dream come true! I could dwindle away hours flicking through the pages and this coffee table looks like the perfect afternoon. I especially love the bright tulips, circling the gold rim of the table. Swoon.

Happy Friday!

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Prints & Gold

I think the summer months are the best. The nights are lighter and your spirits are uplifted. Summer is the best time to adorn yourself with delicate gold jewellery, surround yourself with bright prints and textures and feminine touches…

Happy weekend!

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