These three images have been an inspiration to me lately and I find the use of layers in each image interesting. Whether it’s laying clothing and mixing clashing colours, overlapping of mediums on a canvas or adding interest to a room by taking something ordinary and adding to it.

Happy Wednesday to you all!




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Yesterday evening, I sat outside in my garden at 5.30 and it was only just starting to go dark and the air felt spring – like. Bulbs are starting to come up, announcing that gardens will soon be lush green and blooms of colour will soon be with us. Until the time comes, I have decided to fill my home with spring time colours…

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!




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I have always been interested in print making and one day, it is something that I would like to learn how to do. What is more personal that a fabric that has not only been designed by yourself but also printed by your own fair hands?

As soon as I saw this image of factory workers printing in 1947, that I had to share it with you. Even though printing techniques have been modernised nowadays, I love the team work and attention to detail that the ladies would have had to commit to to create lengths of cloth, with each batch being unique due to the nature in which they were printed back in the day….



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As I look out the window, the rain is coming down thick and fast and I’m finding myself looking forward to the warmth and colour that Spring brings. I always try to flood (no pun intended!) my wardrobe, home & garden with the brights and florals that remind me of the season as a way to perk up my winter hibernation!



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Visual Delights

I seem to have been drawn to pink inspirations of late and how, when the colour is mixed with subtler hues the colour jumps out at you.

Our house renovations are in full swing at the moment so I am on a constant quest for beautiful imagery to give me ideas and  have been filling up the Hana & George Pinterest page with visual delights!

Happy Monday and I wish you all a lovely week!







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Nouveau Spot

I was partaking in a little weekend procrastination when I came across this stunning image of these Art Nouveau tiles. Oh, how I would love these to grace my home.

I am always surprised by how uninspiring tiles can be in shops for the home and tend to avoid having them unless necessary, but if they were all as detailed and decadent as these lovely ceramics, then it would be a different story!


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Winter Grey

Grey is most definitely my favourite hue. It’s so versatile and whether its charcoal or silver in shade, its diversity can be seen in interiors, fashion and in nature. I love to used muted greys and to contrast them with an array of patterns and textures…yum!

This week we appear to have fallen into winter, the nights are getting colder and our surroundings have began to hibernate.

Wishing you all a lovely week!

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My inspiration from this week has come from the beauty that is the checked fabric. Whether cotton, linen or wool, I adore the impact that it makes. Whether it is a simple check or more of a plaid, our interiors and wardrobes should be graced with this lined loveliness.

Happy Friday!





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Bloom Injection

I love to adorn my home with fresh flowers, especially at this time of year when the flowers and plants that grace gardens are beginning to tuck themselves away for the winter.

Flowers are the perfect ‘pick me up’ for any sideboard or table, and is an easy way of injecting colour into a room. I like to place my blooms in irregular vases, upon books and shelves.

Happy Monday!




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