When you first move into a home, it is all stations go with redecorating and adding personal touches. However, i always find that it isn’t until you’ve lived in the space for a while that you start really adding your own mark on somewhere.

Over the past few years I have collected cotton embroidered hankies. Some might find this odd but I find them to be delicate and romantic, and in todays age they no longer serve a purpose but I want to display my collection. With this in mind, I am going to make a curtain and quilt. Patchworked together, seams to seams.

Happy Friday!



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My inspiration for this week has heavily lent towards fabrics and their manipulation. I love mixing fabrics that shouldn’t go together but do, and appreciating the bold move to combine what perhaps isn’t considered ‘ordinary’.

The floral fabric against the bold green wall adorned with the ornate mirror & fireplace, the eclectic rugs against the lily pad bathroom and the attention to detail in the pony skin coat and the intricate work of the bird embroidery. All stunning.





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I was recently introduced to the idea of using embroidery hoops as a way of enchasing art. It’s a quirky twist on a frame and they come in a huge range of shapes and colours. I love the idea of using vintage fabric remnants and building a collection for my walls, or using a larger hoops as a place to pin family photos and invitations.

I particularly love the bottom image, with the beautiful pink chair contrasting the simplistic collection of hoops.

Happy Monday!





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Whether day or night, there is always an occasion for bejewelled clothing and intricate detailing. I love to study the detail put into little vintage quilted jackets and sequinned evening dresses. I like to think that detailed items tell a story of how they were lovingly created and beautifully worn…

Happy weekend!

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