As a keen traveller, I am always looking to plan for my next adventure to experience new cultures and places and I love the idea of having antique and vintage globes on display. Not only are they visually beautiful but they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes which make them an interesting vignette on a side table or above a bookcase.

Happy Monday!



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Mapped Out

A few months ago, I collated this post which expressed my love for maps. I came across this striking image on Pinterest and had to share it with you.

Maybe it’s the buttoned settee that is sat pretty in front of the intricately detailed map, or the blue cushion and flooring which picks out the greys and blues in the map…who knows, but i do know that I love it!


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I’ve always had a bit of an fascination with maps. They hold a certain charm and are so much more than just a means of figuring out how to get somewhere, they’re an art form (cartography to be exact). I’m of the opinion that they should be displayed as a piece of art – I love the idea of having them stored in ornate frames and dotted around interiors, almost making the viewer explore for the next piece of the ‘map jigsaw’…

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