Printed Blooms

Even though this year seems to have flown by so far, I am beginning to crave a little more warmth and sunshine into my days. As we are a while off spring gracing us with its presence, these two images with their orange floral hues from the printed fabric & big blooms are a perfect substitute.

Happy Wednesday!



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Thousand Words

As many of you will know, I am constantly busy on Pinterest┬ásourcing inspiring images. The quote that ‘a picture says a thousand words’ is too true when it comes to gaining creativity, as I have found through my adventure with collating my boards.

Here is a little collection of the images that have gained my attention over the past few months. If you’d like to see more of where these have come from, pop over and visit the Hana & George Pinterest page.

Hope you all have a lovely week!








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Delicate Flakes

I am looking out of my window to a heavy down fall of snow, the delicate flakes spiralling down to the ground. I do love winter, it’s probably my favourite season, but it would also be splendid to have a room like this to escape to! I love the over the top (literally!) wallpaper, that graces not just the walls, but the ceiling of this bedroom, with it’s co-ordinating bedding and low lighting.

For some, this room is probably over kills, but for me it’s just perfect. Imagine lying in bed and looking up to such a view…

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Naturally Beautiful

As we’re now in the depths of winter, our gardens have no colourful blooms and the trees have shred their leaves. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re home has to be flower-less too!

I love to fill vases or tins with beautiful, full blooms of colour and dot them around my home. They’re not only welcoming and warm, but they offer a constant change within my current interior and always look chic.

If you’re looking for more stunning floral imagery, why not take a peek at my Naturally Beautiful Pinterest Page.

Happy Friday!







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Unique Touch

This striking living room is a dream come true. The eclectic mix of vintage furniture, embellished with textured velvets, clashing prints and brushed brick walls is a visual delight.

My favourite aspect of the room has to be the floral backed settee, it’s a unique touch on a traditionally shaped piece of furniture and is the perfect welcome to the room.



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Glam Trip

Wow. A caravan decked out with Ralph Lauren wallpaper, mirrored drawers and a vintage glass drop chandelier. Talk about adding a gorgeous touch to a small space! I can’t say that I’m one for camping, but the opportunity to stay in this beauty could change my mind…

Happy Monday!

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Pink Infusion

Why not add a constant hint of summer to your home with an infusion of colour? It can be any colour that you choose and the hint can be as small or as large as you so choose… (I personally LOVE the pink painted doors!)

Happy Tuesday!

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Pretty Flower

Do you want to have a wall space that can be changed frequently and add a pop of life into your room? A floral wall is definitely the answer! You can create the perfect floral space using picked wild flowers and you only need tape or some string (if you want to construct a delicate garland) and you’re free to get creative. I think this is a perfect way of adding a unique touch to any party…

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