Framed Silk

As you know, I love preserving history and having all beautiful things on display. I always find a silk scarves beautiful but my selection always stay stashed at the bottom of my wardrobe, when they truly deserve to be put out for all to see.

I came across this inspiring idea to frame silk scarves and have them hung around the home and had to share it with you all. The idea of treating vintage scarves as art is as practical as it is romantic and I’ll definitely be replicating this one day!



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Delicate Array

The detailing of a butterfly’s wings is not only delicate, but a beautiful array of colours. I have always loved the idea of collecting framed butterfly images and scattering them around windows around my next home and contrasting the intricate detailing of the butterflies with a beautiful William Morris wallpaper.




{Images: 1, 2}

Frame It

If you’re looking to inject a little difference into your home or office, then look no further than this! Framing wallpaper or fabrics that have caught your eye, is the ideal way of add a difference to a room without breaking the bank or committing to the design long term.

How will you decorate yours?

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