I’m off to Paris this weekend so thought that it would only be appropriate to share with you some lovely images of the beautiful city itself! I’m looking forward to a weekend of cobbled streets, vintage markets and sightseeing and soaking up the culture within my favourite place.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!






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Parisian Chic

If you love art, architecture and beauty, this book on the homes of Parisian Ambassadors is for you. The book is written by Alain Stella and the stunning photography is the work of Francis Hammond.

Such homes are normally kept behind doors, only for a select few to view, but this book has opened the doors and allows all to see the extraordinary homes within.

Wishing you all a lovely week!

houses of paris the book

houses of paris german ambassador

houses of paris ambassabor to netherlands
houses of paris italian ambassador
houses of paris 5
{Images: All sourced from here}

Deco Off

When I came across these street scenes I was taken back by their beauty and originality. This stunning lighting display adorned Rue de Mail in Paris to promote Linen & Hamp during Paris Deco Off in January. The collection of drums in all their printed fabrics and papers is simple but impactual.




Photo Sebastien Rande / CELC
{Images: All images sourced from here}