Winter Grey

Grey is most definitely my favourite hue. It’s so versatile and whether its charcoal or silver in shade, its diversity can be seen in interiors, fashion and in nature. I love to used muted greys and to contrast them with an array of patterns and textures…yum!

This week we appear to have fallen into winter, the nights are getting colder and our surroundings have began to hibernate.

Wishing you all a lovely week!

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Grey Notions

Grey is one of my favourite colours, whether in my wardrobe or in my home, and it peeks up in my day to day life frequently. Whether it’s charcoal or marl, it’s the perfect hue to inject a feeling of calm.

With the cold snap that we’re experiencing at the moment, I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to collate an inspirations board dedicated to all things grey…









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Mapped Out

A few months ago, I collated this post which expressed my love for maps. I came across this striking image on Pinterest and had to share it with you.

Maybe it’s the buttoned settee that is sat pretty in front of the intricately detailed map, or the blue cushion and flooring which picks out the greys and blues in the map…who knows, but i do know that I love it!


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Grey & Shine

The luxurious textures of velvet, silk and cashmere complimented by reflective surfaces…the natural rays of sunlight, the golden hues of glowing structured glass…all tied together within calming and subtle interiors.


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Airy Style

Per Gunnarson is a Swedish freelance photographer currently based in Norway. Per photographs white and bright interiors with a personal touch, making them feel welcoming and very lived in.  The accents of color and pattern creates a very fresh look and stand out among the whites in the room. The pops of colour, wooden accents and airy spaces are refreshing and unique. I’m definitely attracted to the smokey violet hues and the use of slate grey in their array of textures and patterns!

{Images: Per Gunnarson}