This collection of images summarises quaint English interiors, in my opinion. The exposed skeleton of the house for all to see in the aged beams and rigid brickwork, an the ‘thrown together’ style that I love so much. Hydrangeas have started to form in the garden and their globe like presence in a vase is a sight I look forward to every year…




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I always think that a home should have fresh flowers & plants in plentiful amounts. It not only perks up any room, it also brings the outside in which I love whatever the season. I like to place my flowers & plants on different levels so that the eye travels around the room and digests all on displays.

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re all having a lovely week.






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There are a few things in life that are too beautiful to simply to tossed away once their primary use has been exhausted, and the stunning vintage seed packets are one of those things. With their vibrant designs, kitsch colour ways and nostalgic beauty, they’re perfect to be grouped together in frames and proudly displayed.




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Sweetest Pea

My love for a Sweet Pea blooming vase knows no bounds. I have always bought sweet peas from florists and markets in the past due to the lack of outside space, but this year I plan on growing them myself. The seeds have been planted and they have began to germinate…




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Bloom Injection

I love to adorn my home with fresh flowers, especially at this time of year when the flowers and plants that grace gardens are beginning to tuck themselves away for the winter.

Flowers are the perfect ‘pick me up’ for any sideboard or table, and is an easy way of injecting colour into a room. I like to place my blooms in irregular vases, upon books and shelves.

Happy Monday!




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This past weekend I was taking a walk through the beautiful Somerset countryside and I stumbled across this stunning little home with a bubble gum pink door! The wooden gated entrance leading to the quaint cottage garden was framed by leafy green climbing plants, and the handmade shell wind chimes that hung from the porch sang in the wind…


Gone Floral

Everything’s coming up roses (and daisies, and hydrangeas, and lilies) for 2012. Floral prints are gracing the catwalks, adorning our interiors and blooming in our gardens!

Here’s a peak at a collation of this season’s biggest trend to date!

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