…Whether it’s the sun reflecting off the aluminium shell of an airstream, or the way that the light picks up the tones of the  rhinestones embedded within a necklace, I find that different textures can be ‘shown off’ in different ways, at different times off the day.





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I am a huge fan of fine pieces of jewellery and chunky rings but I am on a constant quest to find good ways to store my jewellery when it’s not being worn. I thought I’d collate a little mood board of inspiration to share with you all on cute ways of storing your trinkets and treasures. I love the idea of collecting vintage tea cups and saucers and using the cup for my rings and the saucer for storing bracelets on.

How do you store your jewels?





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Thousand Words

As many of you will know, I am constantly busy on Pinterest sourcing inspiring images. The quote that ‘a picture says a thousand words’ is too true when it comes to gaining creativity, as I have found through my adventure with collating my boards.

Here is a little collection of the images that have gained my attention over the past few months. If you’d like to see more of where these have come from, pop over and visit the Hana & George Pinterest page.

Hope you all have a lovely week!








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Cut Glass

I’m a girl who’s very fond of her trinkets & treasures, but I’m also just as fond of organisation and being able to find things when I want them! I am on a constant quest to find all my belongings a home and my latest one is cute and practical…

I found this 1930’s cut glass canapés tray in a little antiques shop for £11 and it’s the ideal size to store all my jewellery on my dressing table. Perfect.

Vintage Silver

This is a mood board dedicated to the charm of vintage silver. Whether it’s tarnished or shiny, hanging off your wrist or on your dining table…

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Prints & Gold

I think the summer months are the best. The nights are lighter and your spirits are uplifted. Summer is the best time to adorn yourself with delicate gold jewellery, surround yourself with bright prints and textures and feminine touches…

Happy weekend!

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