I think there is something enchanting about each one of these photographs. The romanticism of layers of colour, texture and design styles stacked up on one another, as occupiers have developed through an interior design journey. Like upholstery, these walls are created of layers and the one thing that makes the wall unique is the wallpaper that dresses the wall, like fabric to a chair…






{Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Interior Envy

When having a ‘click’ through Pinterest the other day I came across a lovely image of an interior. I decided to carry on through the Pinterest journey of where the image came from and was thrilled when I was met by this lovely guide through Amanda’s home.

The 1920’s vintage feel of the decor has all been sourced by herself and her husband and I love the ‘homely’ feel they’ve created – it feels like every piece of furniture tells it’s own story.

{Images: All from Amanda’s blog}