Over the festive period, I spent a lot of time browsing around in books, magazines and online at imagery and articles. With that, I thoughts I would kick off my first January post with a few images that influenced me. All of the images are different and they don’t all tie together but they all have attention to detail in common – the craftsmanship that has gone into creating every item is stunning.

Happy Monday to you all!






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Pale Lace

Two of my favourite things – stunning bedding and splendid stationary.

The combination of the lace detailing to the party invitation and the vintage bedspread is sublime. The detailing is faultless and I’d be ever so pleased to be in the presence of both!

Happy Thursday!



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Just So

I appreciate when things are finished off with a loving touch. I always take notice of detailing and think it’s a sign of pride in what’s been created.

Whenever I buy an item I always study the finish – when buying a dress I always check out how the hemline has been completed or that the beading is stitched just so and when I wrap gifts I like the outside edge to be trimmed perfectly and for the folds to match up…oh, am I confusing attention to detail with OCD? Hmmm.

I’ve recently fallen madly and deeply for scalloped edging on everything from bedding to stationary…

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