Under Cover

I as write this post, the rain in beating down. This is the kind of weather that makes me want to hibernate, snuggled in a cloud of white linen bedding….what a lovely way to spend a weekend!

I hope you’re all keeping warm and safe!




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Needle Magic

The beauty that is created with a needle and thread is something that I will never tire of viewing. Needlework requires skill and bundles of patience, but how can you not appreciate the art that is imprinted on a piece of flat cloth?


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My inspiration from this week has come from the beauty that is the checked fabric. Whether cotton, linen or wool, I adore the impact that it makes. Whether it is a simple check or more of a plaid, our interiors and wardrobes should be graced with this lined loveliness.

Happy Friday!





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Floral Textile

With the heatwave that we are currently experiencing, I have been feeling all things summery and love the idea of making small changes to my home by adding bright bedding and fresh flowers! It’s an inexpensive way of adding a touch of summer, whilst making a welcoming impact.

{Apologies for the mini blogging hiatus – things have been super busy with Hana & George in the workshop!}



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I think I could have happily spend many a lazy Sunday morning in this luscious bedroom! I love the white walls and it’s stark contrast to the vibrant bedspread and patterned cushions, and the gilt touches introduced to the boudoir from the full length mirror and minimal frames upon the back wall.



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Favourite Mix

This past weekend, I enjoyed clicking through the online magazine that is Lonny, with their lovely interior photographs providing interviews and inspirations for all to see.

Here is a mix I’ve collated of my favourite images from their latest publication…you can’t beat crisp white linen and leopard print fabric!








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Jubilant Print

With a lot of attention on the UK this year, what with the Olympics and the Queen’s celebrations, why not inject a bit of English style into your home with the fabulous Jubilee fabric collection from Liberty’s!

This fabric collection is a debut home furnishings collection from Liberty and is inspired by the London store’s archive of exquisite vintage designs, which have been popular within the fashion houses of Chanel and Erdem for decades. The Jubilee Collection is an eye-catching and eclectic range of prints on quality velvet and furnishings linen.

It’s DEFINITELY love at first sight for me!

{Images: All sourced from Liberty}