As a keen traveller, I am always looking to plan for my next adventure to experience new cultures and places and I love the idea of having antique and vintage globes on display. Not only are they visually beautiful but they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes which make them an interesting vignette on a side table or above a bookcase.

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If you’re a keen traveller and want to have a cute reminder of where you’ve visited and when, then this is the perfect inspiration for you. You can pin a map to a board and use tacks to point locations, and then hang tabs with the dates you went or memories from your stay.

Not only is this idea functional and a constant source of conversation for your family and friends, it’s your own piece of art that will be unique to you.

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I’ve always had a bit of an fascination with maps. They hold a certain charm and are so much more than just a means of figuring out how to get somewhere, they’re an art form (cartography to be exact). I’m of the opinion that they should be displayed as a piece of art – I love the idea of having them stored in ornate frames and dotted around interiors, almost making the viewer explore for the next piece of the ‘map jigsaw’…

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