I am a huge fan of fine pieces of jewellery and chunky rings but I am on a constant quest to find good ways to store my jewellery when it’s not being worn. I thought I’d collate a little mood board of inspiration to share with you all on cute ways of storing your trinkets and treasures. I love the idea of collecting vintage tea cups and saucers and using the cup for my rings and the saucer for storing bracelets on.

How do you store your jewels?





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Details & Fabrics

I thought I would expand on today’s usual ‘Friday Four’ of inspiration to show you a few beautiful images that I have found. I love the feminine feel of them all, with their vintage touches of fabrics, details and colourings. I absolutely adore the Parisian restaurant window with it’s gilt gold typography and the view of its stunning wooden bannister! LOVE.

To take a peek at more lovely images and inspirations, take a look at the Hana & George Pinterest Page

Happy Friday!







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Stuck Up

I really love this idea of simply using washi tape or tack to sprawl my inspirations on the walls at home and in the workshop. It’s organic in its arrangement and means that all the things that you catch your eye and creative ideas are up for all to see and appreciate!

Do you have such a wall in your home or workspace?



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Grey Notions

Grey is one of my favourite colours, whether in my wardrobe or in my home, and it peeks up in my day to day life frequently. Whether it’s charcoal or marl, it’s the perfect hue to inject a feeling of calm.

With the cold snap that we’re experiencing at the moment, I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to collate an inspirations board dedicated to all things grey…









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Stripes are huge this season – in the home and on the catwalk. I find stripes to be an eye catching trench that works perfectly when you’re wanting to make a bold statement. I love candy stripe wallpaper and beautifully cut stripe trousers. Yum.

Have you gathered a love affair with ‘the stripe’?

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Calm Beige

Since being inspired by the images from London Fashion Week, I have been attracted by anything which is beige! Whether it’s a trench coat, a paint sample or a fabric adorning a button backed chair, the colour is inspiring and perfect for this coming season.

Happy Monday!

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The colour red is associated with passion, courage, rage and desire. Deep, ruby reds first came into our homes during the Victorian era, a statement colour of grandeur which was seen in libraries, dining rooms and entrances. This coming season, red is seen in the home and on the catwalks and is vibrant and uplifting.

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Hanging Happy

My dream is to one day have enough space to create a walk-in wardrobe. I think this dream is a long way off being a reality, but a girl can still fantasise on how it’ll look! I’m so taken with the idea that I’ve collated a Pinterest board as a source of inspiration when the happy day finally arrives, which you can view here.

Happy Tuesday!

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Struck Gold

As many of you will know, I’m a magpie for all things shiny and sparkly and the colour gold is a colour I’m always drawn to. As a colour, gold adds a touch of luxury and glamour to any outfit, interior or table and I’m currently experiencing a love affair rose gold. Yum.

Happy weekend!

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Wall for Thought

I have been storing up these inspirational images for a few weeks now, since writing On Display, and couldn’t wait to share them with you!

I think the majority of photos are often thrown into drawers waiting for that ‘one day’ when you get round to finding the perfect frame, but why not just make a spare wall into one big frame? Layer your favourite photos, cut out articles that caught your eye and pin postcards from your travels…the possibilities are endless!

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