In my eyes, there is no such things as too much chintz! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know this to be a true fact. Whether it’s a new item of floral clothing or a vintage Sanderson fabric, I am like a magpie to the colourful and ditsy blooms.

Happy Friday!





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These three images have been an inspiration to me lately and I find the use of layers in each image interesting. Whether it’s laying clothing and mixing clashing colours, overlapping of mediums on a canvas or adding interest to a room by taking something ordinary and adding to it.

Happy Wednesday to you all!




{Images: 1, 2, 3}

Nouveau Spot

I was partaking in a little weekend procrastination when I came across this stunning image of these Art Nouveau tiles. Oh, how I would love these to grace my home.

I am always surprised by how uninspiring tiles can be in shops for the home and tend to avoid having them unless necessary, but if they were all as detailed and decadent as these lovely ceramics, then it would be a different story!


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I love lighting and love the mood that it sets in an evening, especially if the light fitting is adorned with a stunning light shade. The light created can be decided by the colour shade that you decide to choose – red and yellow tones will give off a warm light, where as blue and green hues project a cooler light. If you want to create an impact with your lighting, grouping several shades together will give your room an eclectic focal point.



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Deco Off

When I came across these street scenes I was taken back by their beauty and originality. This stunning lighting display adorned Rue de Mail in Paris to promote Linen & Hamp during Paris Deco Off in January. The collection of drums in all their printed fabrics and papers is simple but impactual.




Photo Sebastien Rande / CELC
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Mixed Up

My weeks four images are a combination of inspiration and beautiful images for you to take a peek at. I have always been very passionate about mixed media art and feel that it’s such a diverse form of expressing yourself. Whether it’s manipulation fabrics with paint, or photographs with paper, here are a few images which I adore…





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Mint & Stripe

These two images have been a huge source of inspiration for me this week – beautiful hand painted panels with a minty pop of colour and a gallery wall surrounding a striking stripe settee.

Would you have either of these bold statements in your home?

{Images: 1, 2 via here}


Here are two pumpkins with a difference. Why not add a touch of chic to today by decorating your pumpkins with wallpaper or magazine off-cuts?

It’s unique and will definitely look beautiful if you decorate your mantle with a few pumping and a selection of candles…

Happy Halloween!

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Direct Pattern

Earlier this month, I create a post focusing on herringbone style flooring as inspiration (post can be found here) and since then, I have been inspired by chevron and herringbone patterns used in fashion and in the home.

This pattern style is perfect for updating a room or your wardrobe and can be as dramatic or subtle as you so wish…

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