Mixed Up

My weeks four images are a combination of inspiration and beautiful images for you to take a peek at. I have always been very passionate about mixed media art and feel that it’s such a diverse form of expressing yourself. Whether it’s manipulation fabrics with paint, or photographs with paper, here are a few images which I adore…





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Romantic Balloon

I’ve always loved Paris and this piece of art made my heart flutter! It summarises the beautiful city perfectly – heart felt and romantic.

You can buy yourself one of these prints from Etsy. I think it’ll make a splendid addition to my dressing table…

Hope you’re having a good week!

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Wall for Thought

I have been storing up these inspirational images for a few weeks now, since writing On Display, and couldn’t wait to share them with you!

I think the majority of photos are often thrown into drawers waiting for that ‘one day’ when you get round to finding the perfect frame, but why not just make a spare wall into one big frame? Layer your favourite photos, cut out articles that caught your eye and pin postcards from your travels…the possibilities are endless!

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