There are a few things in life that are too beautiful to simply to tossed away once their primary use has been exhausted, and the stunning vintage seed packets are one of those things. With their vibrant designs, kitsch colour ways and nostalgic beauty, they’re perfect to be grouped together in frames and proudly displayed.




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Art Array

What is there not to like about a wall adorned with art, hung in a ‘higgledy-piggledy’ manner? Whether there is a theme to the collection of works, or just an array of mediums and influences, I think that this way of displaying art is not only visually pleasing but can be a constant work in progress, build more and more over time from vintage market and charity shops finds.






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Happy Space

I believe that you should make the area in which you work exciting, as well as functional…after all you spend the majority of your time within your working environment and I love to work surrounded by inspirations and loveliness.

With this in mind (and the move to my new workspace happening this weekend *happy dance*), I thought I would put a few images that I have gained inspiration from for my new space…




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Whether it’s fabric, an ornate fire place or brickwork, it’s all graced with texture. I love to run my fingers along textured surfaces and appreciate their form. I have been so inspired recently by the touch and feel of different textures that I have put together a Pinterest board in it’s honour! You can check out the board here

Happy Friday to you all and I hope you’ve had an inspiring week!





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I think I could have happily spend many a lazy Sunday morning in this luscious bedroom! I love the white walls and it’s stark contrast to the vibrant bedspread and patterned cushions, and the gilt touches introduced to the boudoir from the full length mirror and minimal frames upon the back wall.



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Artistic Bulb

I thought that I’d add a weekly feature to the blog that is a collection of four images that I have found through my research of the week and would like to share with you. The images inspirational value will differ and some may just be the occasional pretty image, naturally, but all the images will have something in common – that being that they have impacted on my thought process & have turned on that artistic bulb inside of me.

Here is my first four images to begin this Friday feature with. I’d love to know your thoughts…





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Too Tulle

Fabrics are one of life’s true pleasures and I love to examine how fabric can be manipulated to create such beautiful things. ┬áIt doesn’t matter if I’m appreciating images or sat at my sewing machine, experimenting with vintage fabrics or creating a piece for a chair. My interest in fabrics know no bounds.

Tulle is so romantic and it always reminds me of wintery weather, with the way it folds replicate sheets of snow, one on top of the other.

Happy Thursday!






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Creative Search

Creative Search

Pinterest┬áis a constant source of creative information for me. Whether I’m on the search for the perfect festive table setting or for inspiration for ongoing projects, Pinterest never lets me down. This month has been no different, and I’ve come … Continue reading