I’ve always liked the idea of creating a comfortable nook, somewhere that you can escape in a book or in something creative. I am planning on making such a corner in our kitchen soon, along with a bookcase of cookery books and a lit side table where I can generally mooch about at the weekend with a coffee.

Here are a few spaces that have caught my eye on my visual adventures, granted not all are kitchen friendly, but they are just beautiful it would be rude not to share…






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When I came across this image on my Pinterest page, it made my heart flutter as I began to day dream of sitting back in that cosy corner and getting lost in the pages of the books stacked high.

Could you see yourself passing the hours of a weekend in such a place?

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Ruffles & Scent

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to observe the world from a cosy corner, snuggled in a deep armchair….ruffles, piping & crochet adorned…fresh air breezing through an open window, circling the floral scent of a summer’s garden through the room…


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