Pastel Pop

The weather outside may not be cheerful, but these rooms certainly are! The pop of pastel colours add a point of interest in the rooms, while continuing to maintain the relaxing atmospheres. There is nothing nicer than to be welcomed into a room with fresh flowers and foliage.




Fryd - home3

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Crisp Buds

For me, these two beautiful images are a summary of what is to come with the changing seasons. When the weather gets warmer, I love to open the windows in my home and to allow the breeze to circulate each room. The love the crisp, relaxing hues of the buds and bedroom.




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Relaxing Perfection

I love the luxurious use of purples in this collection of images. The use of velvet on the vibrant bedspread and the iconically shaped chairs graced with the bright colour are perfection. Even though purple is thought to be quite a bold colour, I love the relaxing feel that the colour offers to all three rooms.

Happy Friday!




{Images: 1, 2, 3}