Le Papier

Paper is one thing that we can all obtain, it’s generally lying around creating clutter. As a material it is versatile and inexpensive, yet can be manipulated in multiple ways…written on, stuck to, rolled, scrunched, folded…the possibilities are endless!






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So, many of you may be asking yourself what is so interesting about the underground service…well, this! These simply stunning images are from the underground system in Moscow, Russia. This form of transport is dubbed ‘the people’s palaces’ with, what can only be described, as the most ornate mode of getting around in the world! If you’re lucky enough to ever travel the underground, you’ll be met by shining examples of Soviet art and style, including bronze sculptures, chandeliers, Florentine mosaics and stained glass.

Truly breathtaking, I’m sure you’ll agree….


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If you’re wanting to add light and a little vintage charm to any room, then a marquee letter or sign will do the job perfectly! Hang it on your wall, lean it on a shelf or have it as a feature on the floor and begin to reminisce of theatre past.

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