These eclectic images have all been playing on my mind this week. Ok, so from first view they have nothing ‘in common’, but with a second glance they all hold texture…from the pleating detail on the luscious pink¬†Balenciaga 1950’s evening wrap, the corrugated material holding the distressed wording or the two dimensional texture created with the pencil, each have their own textural qualities.




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Framed Silk

As you know, I love preserving history and having all beautiful things on display. I always find a silk scarves beautiful but my selection always stay stashed at the bottom of my wardrobe, when they truly deserve to be put out for all to see.

I came across this inspiring idea to frame silk scarves and have them hung around the home and had to share it with you all. The idea of treating vintage scarves as art is as practical as it is romantic and I’ll definitely be replicating this one day!



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Too Tulle

Fabrics are one of life’s true pleasures and I love to examine how fabric can be manipulated to create such beautiful things. ¬†It doesn’t matter if I’m appreciating images or sat at my sewing machine, experimenting with vintage fabrics or creating a piece for a chair. My interest in fabrics know no bounds.

Tulle is so romantic and it always reminds me of wintery weather, with the way it folds replicate sheets of snow, one on top of the other.

Happy Thursday!






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Grey & Shine

The luxurious textures of velvet, silk and cashmere complimented by reflective surfaces…the natural rays of sunlight, the golden hues of glowing structured glass…all tied together within calming and subtle interiors.


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