Hanging Happy

My dream is to one day have enough space to create a walk-in wardrobe. I think this dream is a long way off being a reality, but a girl can still fantasise on how it’ll look! I’m so taken with the idea that I’ve collated a Pinterest board as a source of inspiration when the happy day finally arrives, which you can view here.

Happy Tuesday!

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Everyone’s home is injected with their own personal style, their likes and loves and I enjoy ‘reading’ the story of people’s personality through the home they live in and how things are placed and arranged.

I recently learnt that the placement of objects on your favourite side board or console table is called ‘Vignetting’ (I just presumed it was homely touches but I’ve now learnt otherwise!).

Do you have a beautifully styled vignettes in your home?

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Cut Glass

I’m a girl who’s very fond of her trinkets & treasures, but I’m also just as fond of organisation and being able to find things when I want them! I am on a constant quest to find all my belongings a home and my latest one is cute and practical…

I found this 1930’s cut glass canapés tray in a little antiques shop for £11 and it’s the ideal size to store all my jewellery on my dressing table. Perfect.

Inside Grey

As many of you will know, I’m a lover for storage on display (see here). Whether it’s my perfume or shoe collection, I think that beautiful things should be part of my interior, not hidden away in cupboards or drawers.

How divine is this storage idea? I love the grey wood, the glass front and the cute little drawers within the unit.

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Look Books

I have hundreds of books and magazine, they’re my prized possession and I like to keep them all where I can seem them in the flat. However, I’ve been collecting some monthly magazine publications for 8 years plus and together with my book collection they seem to be taking over (not that I’m complaining!). I use magazines as door stops and side tables, I store books under tables and on my mantlepieces. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

I wrote a post last month on Stunning Storage ideas and how to have all your beautiful items out of display and I thought I’d collate this post on clever storage solution for all your books and magazines.

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Move Up

Are you running out of places to store your things? I am and I’ve started to move on up! Using ladders to store your treasures not only makes a pretty display but it is also practical. Hurrah!

You can pick up old wooden ladders from junk shops and thrift stores quite easily and they look good painted up or left in their original condition (make sure they’re not showing splinters as you might catch fabric) and stack away. They look brilliant in bathrooms with towels on, in your bedroom storing your shoes and trinkets off or in your garden with plant pots on the steps.

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In a few previous posts (here & here) I’ve looked at how we can all recycle and upcycle everyday items. I always think that there is a fine line between ‘junk and funk’ and some items are past restoring and giving a new lease of life. However, I’ve always loved old wooden crates – you know, the fruit and veg ones that have the company’s name embossed on its side, and you can pick them up pretty cheaply from flea markets and junk shops. I think they can be adapted for the 21st century home really easily and add a twist of heritage to any interior.

I personally LOVE the idea of a crate side table…

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Kartell Living

I am a HUGE fan of Kartell furniture!

The brand was established in the late 40’s and continues to push the boundaries of furniture design, whilst concentrating on using modern and industrial materials to produce visually stunning designs. Over the years Kartell has collaborated with many designers, including Philippe Starck, Ferrucio Laviani and Ron Arad to inject quirky designs into the home.

The beauty of Kartell furniture is that it pretty much ‘fits’ anywhere and, due to the durable quality of the materials used, can be used outside or in and happily blends into every interior imaginable. I am personally a huge fan of the Bourgie lamp (I have two!), it is the perfect mix of traditional and modern and gives of the perfect light at anytime of the day because they’re controlled by dimmers. I think my next Kartell purchases will be a Louis Ghost Chair to sit pretty in front of my dressing table and a few Ghost Buster bookcases. Yum.

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Stunning Storage

I’m a hoarder. I admit it. I can’t face throwing anything away and love giving items a home. However, when you live in a city in a little flat you have to be organised and storage savvy, everything has to have it’s own little space and you have to be disciplined about it.

Having said that, I love being surrounded by my possessions and I like to see them in all their glory. I definitely couldn’t live in a minimalist interior! What is the point in having beautiful things if you can’t see them? I came across these stunning storage ideas and can’t wait to have the space one day to be able to implement them…

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