Full Length

If you’re looking for decoration with an impact then a full length mirror is the ideal investment for your home. Mirrors are brilliant for adding depth to a room and if you also choose an ornate mirror, it’ll be the perfect feature in any room. Not only are full length mirrors chic, they’re also practical.

Here’s a little collection of images for you to swoon over on a cold Wednesday…






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Stag Do

On many of my online ‘window shopping’ ventures, I have recently been noticing a reoccurring theme of deer or stag heads gracing homes & walls. I love the idea of making a feature in a room with a stags head and decorating it with how my mood takes me – a string of lights or ribbon tied to the antlers, perhaps.

I thought I would put together a collection of images to inspire you and would love to know your thoughts on whether you’d consider adding one to your home…






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Interior Motives

After all the excitement from the Christmas and New Year festivities, January is the perfect month to allow for down time and I’ve been busy on Pinterest gathering inspirations for a creative year ahead.

I can lose myself for hours viewing magazines and online resources to give me inspiration on my next upholstery pieces to work on, fabrics to choose and other interior delights for this blog, my virtual sketchbook. I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve collated recently, and if you’d like more beautiful images to digest, take a look on my Interior Motives board.

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all got lovely weekends planned.






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Modern Glamour

Welcome to the beautiful home of Naomi Stein.

Naomi would describe her aesthetic as ‘modern bohemian glamour’ and she is attracted to all thing unique and loves to mix patterns, textures and eras in her home. When it comes to her interior style, the only person she needs to please is herself and her pug, Bailey, so Naomi pushes the boundaries to create her stunning interior.

I personally love the combination of feminine colours within the textures and patterns she has used, which contrasts the tasteful choice of furniture and vintage finds.








{Images: All taken by Courtney Apple}

Pale Lace

Two of my favourite things – stunning bedding and splendid stationary.

The combination of the lace detailing to the party invitation and the vintage bedspread is sublime. The detailing is faultless and I’d be ever so pleased to be in the presence of both!

Happy Thursday!



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Eclectic Library

The mixture of prints, colours and textures in this stunning library is the perfect eclectic interior collection for me. The stark white shelves, table and stools offset the bold print of the floral curtains which frame the light from the window, which beams onto the table of circular books.



{Image: 1}

Delicate Array

The detailing of a butterfly’s wings is not only delicate, but a beautiful array of colours. I have always loved the idea of collecting framed butterfly images and scattering them around windows around my next home and contrasting the intricate detailing of the butterflies with a beautiful William Morris wallpaper.




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Table Style

There is nothing more satisfying than creating a well laid table for festive parties. When out walking, it’s easy to pick up inspiration for styling the perfect table, and vases of winter foliage dotted along the centre of the table or fallen branches can add instant glamour to the setting.

I love to tie ribbon to the stems of wine glasses and roll napkins up with brown string – all of these touches are inexpensive to achieve and can be used over again, what ever time of year.

Happy Thursday!







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Table Desire

I’ve always wanted a telephone table. I’m unsure why I’ve had such a desire but I find them to be so chic and are the perfect size to fill that blank space in a hallway or in the corner of your lounge. As times have moved on and one no longer sits down at the table to take calls, they’re ideal for holding a lamp or for stacking books on.

Does anyone else hold such a love?

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Winter Buds

As winter is drawing in, why not keep your vases stocked with beautiful pom-pom buds? You can make vibrantly coloured pom-poms (here’s how) and then glue the end of the twig into the centre of the pom-pom and there you have it…the perfect winter pick-me-up for your home!

{Image and info sourced from here}