I’m off to Paris this weekend so thought that it would only be appropriate to share with you some lovely images of the beautiful city itself! I’m looking forward to a weekend of cobbled streets, vintage markets and sightseeing and soaking up the culture within my favourite place.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!






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As a keen traveller, I am always looking to plan for my next adventure to experience new cultures and places and I love the idea of having antique and vintage globes on display. Not only are they visually beautiful but they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes which make them an interesting vignette on a side table or above a bookcase.

Happy Monday!



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Here at Hana & George, we have been finding beautiful images off Pinterest recently that are too lovely not to share! As many of you will know, I gain a lot of inspiration during my online searches and love to discover new blogs and to catch up with what other people are doing.

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Whisk me Away

Recently I have been craving a city break. I love the adventure of a long weekend, soaking up the culture of other beautiful cities and the architecture and attractions they offer. There is nothing more relaxing than long strolls along cobbled streets, long lunches and visits to art galleries and historical sites.

My desire for a weekend away has led me to collate a Pinterest page dedicated to the beauty of city life in the eyes of a tourist. To view more lovely cities, visit our Whisk me Away page…

Happy Wednesday to you all!






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So, many of you may be asking yourself what is so interesting about the underground service…well, this! These simply stunning images are from the underground system in Moscow, Russia. This form of transport is dubbed ‘the people’s palaces’ with, what can only be described, as the most ornate mode of getting around in the world! If you’re lucky enough to ever travel the underground, you’ll be met by shining examples of Soviet art and style, including bronze sculptures, chandeliers, Florentine mosaics and stained glass.

Truly breathtaking, I’m sure you’ll agree….


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Tag It

If you’re a keen traveller and want to have a cute reminder of where you’ve visited and when, then this is the perfect inspiration for you. You can pin a map to a board and use tacks to point locations, and then hang tabs with the dates you went or memories from your stay.

Not only is this idea functional and a constant source of conversation for your family and friends, it’s your own piece of art that will be unique to you.

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I’ve always had a bit of an fascination with maps. They hold a certain charm and are so much more than just a means of figuring out how to get somewhere, they’re an art form (cartography to be exact). I’m of the opinion that they should be displayed as a piece of art – I love the idea of having them stored in ornate frames and dotted around interiors, almost making the viewer explore for the next piece of the ‘map jigsaw’…

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