Kitchen Lovin’

Kitchens are thought of as being the heart of the home. It’s the place where people congregate at parties and where a storm is cooked up! With this in mind, I always think that your kitchen should be one of the main spaces in your home to reflect your personality and interests.

Here are a few images that I’ve collected of beautiful kitchens for future inspiration. There is plenty more where this came from on my Kitchen Lovin’ Pinterest board.

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Lease of Life

Do you have a piece of furniture that you love the shape of but it doesn’t quite fit in with your current interior? Why not make a colour statement and paint it in a contrasting colour?

I wrote a post (here) that looked at adding a roll of paper or a burst of colour into your cupboards, but why stop there!

I’d love to see what you’re all updating in your homes…

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Sweet Brass

This past weekend I had a lovely day of strolling around antique shops admiring stunning pieces of furniture and being mesmerised by story telling treasures.

I’ve recently become attracted to 70’s furniture items and would love to one day own a brass étagère – they’re structurally sweet on the eye and work perfectly as an ingenious storage solution for books and other such items in the office, or as a bar area for cocktails and glassware in the kitchen…

…how would you use yours?

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Move Up

Are you running out of places to store your things? I am and I’ve started to move on up! Using ladders to store your treasures not only makes a pretty display but it is also practical. Hurrah!

You can pick up old wooden ladders from junk shops and thrift stores quite easily and they look good painted up or left in their original condition (make sure they’re not showing splinters as you might catch fabric) and stack away. They look brilliant in bathrooms with towels on, in your bedroom storing your shoes and trinkets off or in your garden with plant pots on the steps.

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Grey & Shine

The luxurious textures of velvet, silk and cashmere complimented by reflective surfaces…the natural rays of sunlight, the golden hues of glowing structured glass…all tied together within calming and subtle interiors.


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Jar of Light

Great lighting can set the tone. An interesting piece of lighting can draw the eyes up and creates a focal point in a room.

As we all try and do our bit for our planet, many people (myself included!) have turned to recycling and upcycling furniture and accessories into brilliant items for the home. I really like mason jars and think they make brilliant tea light holders on a table or in the garden and I recently saw an upcycled mason jar chandelier in a restaurant that looked fantastic! You can make the chandelier as big or small as you wish and they give off a really lovely subtle light.

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