Hot Hue

….A hot pink wool coat adorned with a gold embellished button and Nina Campbell’s ‘Swan Lake’ wallpaper offset with a vibrant pink shower curtain. Yum.

Pink is featuring heavily this season, with a fabulous variety of rose hued coats adorning hangers why not introduce the vibrant shade into other areas of your home?



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Floral Textile

With the heatwave that we are currently experiencing, I have been feeling all things summery and love the idea of making small changes to my home by adding bright bedding and fresh flowers! It’s an inexpensive way of adding a touch of summer, whilst making a welcoming impact.

{Apologies for the mini blogging hiatus – things have been super busy with Hana & George in the workshop!}



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If you’re looking to make little updates for your home, then flea markets and charity shops are the perfect place to find inspiration and to pick up one-off items to add a unique touch. Beautiful cut-glass vases and trinket holders can be found for little money but can make a real impact on your coffee table or side board…

Happy Monday!


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Neon & Bright

Neon is a statement trend that we saw introduced into our homes and wardrobes last year, and it’s set to stay for the foreseeable future! I have to admit that I love adding a touch of neon to my outfits with a bright necklace or to my home with accessories.

The weather really isn’t getting anywhere close to summer so adding neon to your life is the perfect way of updating your style with a pop! Here is a little look at some of the neon images that I have been collating, but to view more check out our Pinterest page.

Happy Monday!








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Lighting is an inexpensive way of bringing your room to life. I love the dull glow of a table lamp or a large drummed pendent light controlled by a dimmer switch. I am a huge fan of a lovely lampshade and they can be as simple or outrageous as you desire! I have always been interested in taking a course on how to do it so that I could adorn my home with vintage florals and textured beauties…

Happy Wednesday!





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Frame It

If you’re looking to inject a little difference into your home or office, then look no further than this! Framing wallpaper or fabrics that have caught your eye, is the ideal way of add a difference to a room without breaking the bank or committing to the design long term.

How will you decorate yours?

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Sleep Well

I think that a bedroom should be a sanctuary – the perfect space to relax and prepare for a restful sleep. The lighting should be dim, the air fresh and I like to inject a luxurious touch into my boudoir with a good selection of cosy bed sheets, textured cushions and a soft bedspread.

Recently I’ve been jotting down ways to give this room in our flat an update without spending a fortune. I think it’s healthy to inject small changed into all rooms of your home every so often – it’s mood lifting, therapeutic and it’s also a brilliant excuse for a clear out!

Here are a few beautiful images of inspiring bedroom ideas I’ve been collating. I’d love to hear if you are planning any of your own interior updates…


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