Stuck Up

I really love this idea of simply using washi tape or tack to sprawl my inspirations on the walls at home and in the workshop. It’s organic in its arrangement and means that all the things that you catch your eye and creative ideas are up for all to see and appreciate!

Do you have such a wall in your home or workspace?



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Full Length

If you’re looking for decoration with an impact then a full length mirror is the ideal investment for your home. Mirrors are brilliant for adding depth to a room and if you also choose an ornate mirror, it’ll be the perfect feature in any room. Not only are full length mirrors chic, they’re also practical.

Here’s a little collection of images for you to swoon over on a cold Wednesday…






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I was recently introduced to the idea of using embroidery hoops as a way of enchasing art. It’s a quirky twist on a frame and they come in a huge range of shapes and colours. I love the idea of using vintage fabric remnants and building a collection for my walls, or using a larger hoops as a place to pin family photos and invitations.

I particularly love the bottom image, with the beautiful pink chair contrasting the simplistic collection of hoops.

Happy Monday!





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Traditional Twist

They’re witty and would make cute little presents for your friends and family. What is there to not adore about these little treasures I spotted onĀ

The sign itself is handmade and framed in a beautiful vintage-look gold gilt frame. These quirky pieces are bound to add a vintage touch to a modern home, while bringing a traditional craft up to date with a twist.



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Chalk Board

This is definitely the way forward – if you’ve got a wall or a surface that you want to add depth to then look no further than creating a chalk board in your home. All you need is black board paint, chalks and inspiration.

On our chalk board I have drawings, notes from friends, reminders and quotes. It’s your space so create what you want on it and when you’re wanting to update your rooms look, simply wipe clean and start again. Genius.

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