Artistic Bulb

I thought that I’d add a weekly feature to the blog that is a collection of four images that I have found through my research of the week and would like to share with you. The images inspirational value will differ and some may just be the occasional pretty image, naturally, but all the images will have something in common – that being that they have impacted on my thought process & have turned on that artistic bulb inside of me.

Here is my first four images to begin this Friday feature with. I’d love to know your thoughts…





{Images: 1, 2, 3, 4}


Occasionally I come across beautiful pieces of vintage fabric that aren’t big enough to use for upholstery but are too beautiful to resist. This idea of suspending the fabric as a piece of art on a wall is simply perfect. The beautiful colours and motifs of the fabric is on show for all to see.

Happy Friday!


{Image: 1}