Under Cover

I as write this post, the rain in beating down. This is the kind of weather that makes me want to hibernate, snuggled in a cloud of white linen bedding….what a lovely way to spend a weekend!

I hope you’re all keeping warm and safe!




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Yesterday evening, I sat outside in my garden at 5.30 and it was only just starting to go dark and the air felt spring – like. Bulbs are starting to come up, announcing that gardens will soon be lush green and blooms of colour will soon be with us. Until the time comes, I have decided to fill my home with spring time colours…

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!




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As I look out the window, the rain is coming down thick and fast and I’m finding myself looking forward to the warmth and colour that Spring brings.┬áI always try to flood (no pun intended!) my wardrobe, home & garden with the brights and florals that remind me of the season as a way to perk up my winter hibernation!



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Winter Grey

Grey is most definitely my favourite hue. It’s so versatile and whether its charcoal or silver in shade, its diversity can be seen in interiors, fashion and in nature. I love to used muted greys and to contrast them with an array of patterns and textures…yum!

This week we appear to have fallen into winter, the nights are getting colder and our surroundings have began to hibernate.

Wishing you all a lovely week!

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Layer Up

With autumn definitely arriving with a ‘thud’ I have begun to plan for the winter hibernation! I love to make my bed even more inviting at this time of year and love to team plain, cotton bedlinen with patterned and textured bedspreads, throws and cushions. I have put a little inspiration together to share with you all on how I’ll be dressing my boudoir for the chill…






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…Whether it’s the sun reflecting off the aluminium shell of an airstream, or the way that the light picks up the tones of the ┬árhinestones embedded within a necklace, I find that different textures can be ‘shown off’ in different ways, at different times off the day.





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Different Times

I have found myself inspired by light this week. The way that the evening sun beams through the windows and how things appear different at certain times of the day. For me the light of summer is always magical – the strong sun of the morning welcoming another day and the dull, romantic shimmer of the evening….





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Crisp Buds

For me, these two beautiful images are a summary of what is to come with the changing seasons. When the weather gets warmer, I love to open the windows in my home and to allow the breeze to circulate each room. The love the crisp, relaxing hues of the buds and bedroom.




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Floral Perk

Pinch, punch, first of the month!

I always think that once March appears, spring isn’t far behind. That lovely time of year when colour seems to appear everywhere, the nights get a lot lighter and everyone is a little perkier. I have to admit, I am a lover of winter but the arrival of a little warmth is always welcomed by myself.

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Printed Blooms

Even though this year seems to have flown by so far, I am beginning to crave a little more warmth and sunshine into my days. As we are a while off spring gracing us with its presence, these two images with their orange floral hues from the printed fabric & big blooms are a perfect substitute.

Happy Wednesday!



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