Full Swing

I love to admire finer details and at this time of the year, with the festive spirit in full swing, I probably find the small things more impactual than the grander gestures.

Whether it be the tiny sequins formed upon your dress to create a pattern or the winter blooms upon your place settings, the best way to make a memorable experience for yourself and your guests this Christmas is to focus on the little stuff. I’m looking forward to making individual place settings for each of my family for Christmas and decking my halls with one off unique finds that I have picked up out and about.

I would love to hear your Christmas ideas this year!



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As an inhabiter of small spaces, I am always intrigued on how people approach small homes and how they make them work for them while also keeping the interior beautiful.

This is the home of Joanna and her home is simply stunning. Believe it or not, her apartment is only 43 square meters but her clever use of furniture, light and arrangement of mirrors allows the home to work for her.

Compact, yet perfectly formed.

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