As you’re all getting prepared to welcome in a new year in style and setting resolutions to achieve in 2013, I’d like to wish you all a happy and prosperous year ahead. I hope 2013 holds fun, laughter and joy for you all and I look forward to continuing to develop this blog with posts that not only inspire you, but bring a smile.

Happy New Year!



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Naturally Beautiful

As we’re now in the depths of winter, our gardens have no colourful blooms and the trees have shred their leaves. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re home has to be flower-less too!

I love to fill vases or tins with beautiful, full blooms of colour and dot them around my home. They’re not only welcoming and warm, but they offer a constant change within my current interior and always look chic.

If you’re looking for more stunning floral imagery, why not take a peek at my Naturally Beautiful Pinterest Page.

Happy Friday!







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Framed Silk

As you know, I love preserving history and having all beautiful things on display. I always find a silk scarves beautiful but my selection always stay stashed at the bottom of my wardrobe, when they truly deserve to be put out for all to see.

I came across this inspiring idea to frame silk scarves and have them hung around the home and had to share it with you all. The idea of treating vintage scarves as art is as practical as it is romantic and I’ll definitely be replicating this one day!



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‘Twas the Night Before

Here we are on Christmas Eve and I think it’s only appropriate to collate one more festive post of stunning images to make sure that you’re all dosed up on holiday inspiration!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for your lovely comments and support of my humble blog this year, and I hope that you’re all surrounded by festive cheer, love and laughter.








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Delicate Array

The detailing of a butterfly’s wings is not only delicate, but a beautiful array of colours. I have always loved the idea of collecting framed butterfly images and scattering them around windows around my next home and contrasting the intricate detailing of the butterflies with a beautiful William Morris wallpaper.




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Too Tulle

Fabrics are one of life’s true pleasures and I love to examine how fabric can be manipulated to create such beautiful things.  It doesn’t matter if I’m appreciating images or sat at my sewing machine, experimenting with vintage fabrics or creating a piece for a chair. My interest in fabrics know no bounds.

Tulle is so romantic and it always reminds me of wintery weather, with the way it folds replicate sheets of snow, one on top of the other.

Happy Thursday!






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Tag It

If you’re a keen traveller and want to have a cute reminder of where you’ve visited and when, then this is the perfect inspiration for you. You can pin a map to a board and use tacks to point locations, and then hang tabs with the dates you went or memories from your stay.

Not only is this idea functional and a constant source of conversation for your family and friends, it’s your own piece of art that will be unique to you.

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Wow Factor

I can’t resist a room that offers the ‘wow factor’ from the moment that you enter the room, and this collection of images definitely caught my eye! I think Christmas is the ideal opportunity to inject your personality and to add decoration that makes the month of December not just memorable, but special.

Whether you fire a touch of neon into your festive celebration with neon wrapped candles or adorn your tree with baubles of shocking hues, here is a little inspiration to get you in the colourful mood…





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Come In

I’ve always been amazed by creativity injected into buildings and I love nothing more than to be enticed into a building by it’s exterior. When I meet a beautiful kept building out and about, I am always intrigued by what the inside must look like.

What do you think hides behind these beauties?



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