I am a huge fan of sequins at the moment and they seem to be gracing the 2012 catwalks with their presence! Sequins create fabric fluidity, add depth to a design and reflect the light beautiful, which makes it impossible for the majority to resist.

I have been storing up some sequin images for a while now and thought that I’d share them with you today…

Happy Thursday!

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Airy Style

Per Gunnarson is a Swedish freelance photographer currently based in Norway. Per photographs white and bright interiors with a personal touch, making them feel welcoming and very lived in.  The accents of color and pattern creates a very fresh look and stand out among the whites in the room. The pops of colour, wooden accents and airy spaces are refreshing and unique. I’m definitely attracted to the smokey violet hues and the use of slate grey in their array of textures and patterns!

{Images: Per Gunnarson}

At My Side

I seem to be on a constant quest to add new pieces to the flat, whether it be a new lamp for the Ercol in the lounge or an antique dish for me to store all my rings on. I always find that the least unstructured part of our home is the bedroom, the bedside tables to be specific! We have 1950’s mirrored glass side tables which are beautiful. They add depth to our small space and the lamp light rebounds off them beautifully. However, they’re always stacked high with the latest magazine or books that we are reading, cluttered with a hand cream or lip salve and home to the remote control and phone charger.

I was having a look around at how others have arranged the tables in their lives and came across some images of beauty! I’m now wishing that we had bigger side tables so that I could add a vase to the action – I couldn’t think of anything nicer than waking up to a bouquet of roses. Bliss.

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Today is the perfect day to throw on that light and floaty summer dress you’ve been staring at for months whilst sipping on a herbal tea, preferably with one of those cute sugar doilies! The blue and orange hues in the rug summarise summer for me – a mixture of bold colour and clashing textures.

Happy Monday!

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I love books. I could get lost in their pages and I especially love second hand books. You know, the one’s that have been lovingly signed to the past owner by a loved one on the first page. Books themselves tell a story and the old sepia stained pages, turned corners and rugged exterior also tell a story. I came across images of this amazing idea of how to give an aged book a new lease a life, to read the pages but not how we know it. Why not adorn a wall with pages of books as a wallpaper? Genius. Literary genius.

I’ll definitely be creating this one day when we finally move!

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It might be summer but it feels as thought the nights are drawing in quickly. Maybe it’s the blustery weather we’ve been experiencing this past few weeks!

I always associate blue hues with warmth and I have put together a mood board of all things blue for you all to appreciate…

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Dip Dyed

This colourful style has become really popular in the last few months. We’re seeing the trend in fashion, beauty and in the home. It’s a playful way of adding hues of colour and a brilliant way of making a statement.

You can add a twist of dye to your loved clothing that you want to update, plain cushions to scatter on your sofa or ombre colour through the ends of your hair…the options are endless!

These are the styles that have caught my eye recently…

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