Inside Story

Do you want to update or inject a little bit of colour it to your dull kitchen or bathroom cabinet? Why not decorate it with wallpaper or add a dash of colour with paint?

Cole & Son have a brilliant choice of quirky and chic block printed wallpapers which are perfect for such a task. You probably only need a role of paper (dependent on the size of cabinet you want to jazz up) so it’s also a good way of using up odd roles of paper that you may have lying around gathering dust from the last room you decorated.

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Coral Reef

The pinky-orange hues that make up the tone of coral is one of my favourites. It’s uplifting and adds the perfect pop of colour to an outfit, interior or garden. If I’m feeling a little out of sorts, a quick sweep of coral lipstick is a sure way of living my spirits and my day is instantly injected with fun!

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Pin Up

I just can’t get enough of Pinterest. I love browsing through the different categories and setting my eyes on stunning imagery and inspirational ideas. I like to create boards and fill them with my loves and enjoy seeing how other users curate their pages. It’s such a clever way of bouncing creative ideas off one another.

Why don’t you check out Hana & George on Pinterest and give us a follow? Here is a quick glimpse of the images you’ll find within our boards…

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Tube Vases

I came across test tube vases a few months ago and think they make a perfect table setting or centrepiece. The vases are perfect for little wild flowers you may have picked from your garden.

I love the idea of the floral tube chandelier! So beautiful.

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Printed Paper

These beautiful images, and the Hand Painted post I shared with you a few weeks ago, have re-ignited my love affair with wallpaper.

All 3 rooms are bought to life with their floral patterns, creating the feeling of a beautiful indoor garden. The rooms alone with their stunning furniture are enchanting,  but the wallpaper adds a whole new level of elegance.


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Vanilla Ice

You can’t go wrong with buying anything in beautiful vanilla and cream hues. The tone matches with everything and is ladylike and elegant, whether it adorns your wardrobe or home.


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Hues of Floral

…A beautiful mixed media painting in metallics and pastels and a fresh white blossom tree…both remind me of a warm spring day…the pop of colour on the crisp white sofa is bought to life with the soft glow of the vintage cut glass chandelier…


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Look Books

I have hundreds of books and magazine, they’re my prized possession and I like to keep them all where I can seem them in the flat. However, I’ve been collecting some monthly magazine publications for 8 years plus and together with my book collection they seem to be taking over (not that I’m complaining!). I use magazines as door stops and side tables, I store books under tables and on my mantlepieces. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

I wrote a post last month on Stunning Storage ideas and how to have all your beautiful items out of display and I thought I’d collate this post on clever storage solution for all your books and magazines.

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Interior Envy

When having a ‘click’ through Pinterest the other day I came across a lovely image of an interior. I decided to carry on through the Pinterest journey of where the image came from and was thrilled when I was met by this lovely guide through Amanda’s home.

The 1920’s vintage feel of the decor has all been sourced by herself and her husband and I love the ‘homely’ feel they’ve created – it feels like every piece of furniture tells it’s own story.

{Images: All from Amanda’s blog}