Hot Hue

….A hot pink wool coat adorned with a gold embellished button and Nina Campbell’s ‘Swan Lake’ wallpaper offset with a vibrant pink shower curtain. Yum.

Pink is featuring heavily this season, with a fabulous variety of rose hued coats adorning hangers why not introduce the vibrant shade into other areas of your home?



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With the change of the season, comes a change in light also. The sun is cooler but the warm glow that it projects makes all things golden. With this in mind, I have been drawn towards golden tones and how the light bring things adorned in the hue to life.

Happy Monday to you all!






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As many of you would have guessed by now, I am a huge fan of anything a little outrageous. Whether it’s bold & bright, sparkly or quirky I am generally at the front of the queue.

Recently I have fallen even more in love with metallics, not only do metallics make a statement but they also make me smile. There is no better way of uplifting a basic than with a pair of metallic shoes upon your feet…

Happy Wednesday!







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This crystal drop chandelier is magical. The gold accents from the full length gilt mirror with the metallic plant tray compliments the glowing light. I really like the combination of old and new in this dining room, perfectly balanced and welcoming.

Happy Thursday!


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Metallic Up

Metallic Up

…The perfect way to kick off a week of gloomy weather is to add a touch of metallic to your day. It could be a bronze embellished bike, afternoon tea with gold rimmed crockery or a touch of metallic fashioned … Continue reading

Struck Gold

As many of you will know, I’m a magpie for all things shiny and sparkly and the colour gold is a colour I’m always drawn to. As a colour, gold adds a touch of luxury and glamour to any outfit, interior or table and I’m currently experiencing a love affair rose gold. Yum.

Happy weekend!

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Prints & Gold

I think the summer months are the best. The nights are lighter and your spirits are uplifted. Summer is the best time to adorn yourself with delicate gold jewellery, surround yourself with bright prints and textures and feminine touches…

Happy weekend!

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