My inspiration from this week has come from the beauty that is the checked fabric. Whether cotton, linen or wool, I adore the impact that it makes. Whether it is a simple check or more of a plaid, our interiors and wardrobes should be graced with this lined loveliness.

Happy Friday!





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I have recently been drawn to a mixture of smooth and woollen-like textures in houndstooth. There is something so classical about the print and looks fabulous whether it’s styled traditionally or mixed and matched with an array of other interesting colours and textures.

I love the clean lines of the bespoke tailoring again the tartan and stripe combination within the suit and the black and white of the houndstooth is perfection.

How do you like your houndstooth? Straight up or with a twist?




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Winter Buds

As winter is drawing in, why not keep your vases stocked with beautiful pom-pom buds? You can make vibrantly coloured pom-poms (here’s how) and then glue the end of the twig into the centre of the pom-pom and there you have it…the perfect winter pick-me-up for your home!

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Pink & Green

As the clock are due to go back this weekend, let’s celebrate the arrival of winter with fur cladded collars, chunky woollen socks and knee length coats…and when it’s time to go home, be welcomed by luxurious velvet and warmly decorated rooms.


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I’m looking out the window and it’s November. Actually, no, It’s June but it might as well be November.

This time last week I was donning my sandals and strutting around in a t-shirt, this week I am snuggling on the sofa under a blanket and my Diptyque candles are flickering away. When the weather is like it is today, I get in hibernation mode. I’m of the opinion that there’s not much better than the comforting light given off by my beloved lamps (I’ll go into my love of lamps in another post) and the sound of the rain tapping at the window.┬áThere is something about the British weather that I like – the ever changing ‘seasons’ keep me on my toes and I quite like not knowing what it’ll be like in another few days.

As I sit here vegetating, I thought I’d share some warming images with you all. Enjoy!

“It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life.” – P.D. James
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